Ham Radio Deluxe “An Unspecified Error Has Occurred”

Recently HRD started throwing out the message “An Unspecified Error Has Occurred” every time I opened the logbook. I thought perhaps it was my expired QRZ subscription, or some corruption in one of the Jet (Access) database files. No. The issue, as I found out from Sigi, DH1KLM is the NOAA data file updates. The […]

Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook Setup Callsign Lookup Freezes Logbook #hamradio #hamr

NOTE: in version 6 the location of¬†ClientLogbookCallsignLookup.xml has changed. The file is located in¬†C:\ProgramData\HRDLLC\HRD Logbook (if your Windows system drive is D: or something else, look there). I recently downloaded and installed Ham Radio Deluxe version 5.23 build 12 on my Windows 7 64bit computer. First I had some issues with the logbook crashing. These […]

A CW Interface for the FT-857D How to Send Keyboard CW from Ham Radio Deluxe

I enjoy using my computer to control my radio. While I still enjoy sending CW the old fashioned way, there are times I’ve wanted the ability to send CW (real keying, not a modulated tone) from my computer. This might be during the use of some alternate modes, or perhaps during a contest – or […]