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Outlook 2007 Crashes When Exporting a File

Recently I tried to export to a .csv from Outlook. Outlook kept crashing. I tried on another machine, same thing. I had another admin try on his computer, and his crashed too. I found a lot online about software conflicts and plug-ins. None of these applied. I tried Outlook safe mode, still crashed.

The answer was to uninstall Microsoft Exchange Tools and run the command fixmapi.

Now, it works.

AppName: outlook.exe      AppVer: 12.0.6316.5000     AppStamp:4833a470
ModName: oladd.fae      ModVer: 12.0.4518.1014      ModStamp:45417457
fDebug: 0       Offset: 00008c24

Windows XP SP 3, Outlook 2007 SP 1