Floor Materials For Bathroom Remodeling

If you are currently planning your first bathroom remodel, you may be about to learn one of the strangest lessons about this whole process, and it is to do with choosing the floor of your new bathroom.

This is definitely a different task to choosing the flooring in any other room for the house for one, simple reason – water.

No other floor in the house has to deal with the amount of water and moisture that is to be found in this room.

As this is something of a unique situation then, please allow us to guide you through what are the most popular bathroom flooring material options.

Lets start with a classic:



Tiles – whether porcelain or ceramic – are one of the most popular materials to use as bathroom flooring, and have been for a very long time.

“When you look at the advantages this material brings to the table, then it is easy to understand why” – says Vincent with Kitchen & Bath Remodeling of Virginia Beach. Be sure to check them out in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake VA and Norfolk VA.

Those materials are waterproof, which as we outlined above is a huge bonus.

They are pretty cost effective, with a basic tile selling for just a few dollars a pack, and even the top of the range options still not really threatening to bankrupt a remodeling project’s budget.

They also look great, and they come in such a wide rage of designs, you are almost certainly sure to find a tile that matches the aesthetic of your new bathroom design.

The downsides? They are really cold underfoot, especially in the winter. The only way to tackle that issue is via under-tile heating systems, which can be expensive to install.

Unless they have a good texture to their surface they can also be slippery when wet.



This material comes as sheets or tiles.

The big advantage of Vinyl is that is easy to install – so if your renovation project is also a do-it-yourself project, the ease of install with Vinyl could well be very appealing.

Aesthetically there are loads of designs out there, some of which even attempt to mimic other materials like stone and even tiles. Broadly speaking it’s going to be easy to tell it’s not the real thing, but it can still give a very pleasing finish.

Check out the video below for the vinyl tile remodel part 2 video:



This material is really going to make an impact within the design of your bathroom, and it is going to provide a finish that is really aesthetically pleasing.

The first downside is the main disadvantage of this material and that is the price – it is not cheap, in fact it is far and away the most expensive material on this list.

Like tiles, they can be both cold and kind of slippery when wet unless they have textures added, for example by sand blasting.



Of these three common materials, it’s hard to look past tiles as the number one choice. They are cheap, look great, are relatively easy to install, very long lasting and come in a huge variety of styles and designs.